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Adult Sunday School Training with Lifeway's Ken Braddy
Adult Sunday School Training with Lifeway's Ken Braddy
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Category: Small Groups

What’s Next for Small Groups


This video is training for Adult Sunday School leaders on “Seeing Around Corners: What’s Next for Groups in a Post-COVID World?” With Lifeway Director of Sunday School, Ken Braddy.

This was part of our HPBC/Lifeway Online Small Groups and Sunday School Training on August 5, 2022.

We’re not in Kansas anymore! The pandemic has changed the world in some unique ways – and it has even had an effect on the church. Discover how group ministry may change as God’s people return, and how you can lead your group to continue making disciples in the days ahead. Some things will remain the same, and other things will change. Do you know what those things are? Will you and your group be ready? If you attend this fast-paced conference, you’ll know why people join groups, and why they leave them, and how your group can reach people in a post-pandemic world.

Ken Braddy is Lifeway’s Director of Sunday School. He has published multiple books on Sunday School and small groups, and his Sunday School blog ( has thousands of followers who receive encouraging and practical posts each week. He has served three churches, and two of them became the fastest-growing Sunday Schools in Texas and Tennessee. From 2010 through 2021 he managed the work of Lifeway’s adult curriculum team whose Sunday School curriculum is used by approximately 2.8M people weekly.