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Pastors and Humility with Dr. Miguel Núñez on our Pastors Forum
Pastors and Humility with Dr. Miguel Núñez on our Pastors Forum
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Category: Pastoral Ministry

Pastors and Humility


Speaker: Miguel Núñez

Topic: Pastors

Dr. Miguel Núñez is a Dominican-American doctor, author, speaker, and founder of Wisdom & Integrity Ministries. Núñez is a practicing doctor specializing in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and the Senior Pastor of the International Baptist Church in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

During the last year and a half of the pandemic, in addition to his ministerial work, he has had the opportunity to serve as an infectious disease doctor to more than 1500 patients affected by COVID-19.

He has served as an advisor on some occasions to determine the course of action to follow at the national level in managing the pandemic in the Dominican Republic. Furthermore, he has been a consultant for countless companies, institutions, ministries, and churches in the country and a large part of Latin America.

Miguel lives in Santo Domingo and has been married for 35 years to Dr. Catherine Scheraldi, who also practices medicine specializing in Endocrinology.

Miguel shared insights from his new book, Servants for His Glory: Cultivating Christlikeness in a World of Performance (B&H, June 2021).

He has great insights in his book that will help you as a pastor and which will apply to the members of the church you serve. One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “If the Christian wants to live the gospel in the professional world, he must remember that his life is no longer his and that he has a Master to whom he owes all that he has and all that he is.” (p. 130)