2021 Annual Meeting (Proposed)

November 5

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Our HPBC Arrangements Committee is proposing a “Hybrid” Annual Meeting in multiple locations. This proposal is being considered by our HPBC Executive Board. We wanted to make sure you know what we are working on. 
In seeking to plan a meaningful HPBC Annual Meeting in 2021 that would facilitate the conducting of important business as well as building togetherness in the midst of uncertain future pandemic restrictions, the arrangements committee is proposing a hybrid approach. The vision is to host the Annual Meeting at sites in different regions via Zoom where Hawaii Pacific Baptists can be seated as messengers, conduct business, and enjoy fellowship and worship.

At this point, we plan to have a small base-site in Honolulu where we would host the gathering via Zoom and have our main business and speakers. We are proposing a one-day format on Friday, November 5, 2021, with approximately 10 regional sites. 

We are also proposing at 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm HST Business Session and 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm HST Annual Meeting Worship Celebration. Note that with the time difference, Hawaii Pacific Baptists in Guam and Asia will be participating on Saturday morning through early afternoon.

At these regional sites, Hawaii Pacific Baptists could gather and participate via Zoom on a large screen. Each location would have volunteers who would credential messengers, tally votes, and field questions during the business session. The worship celebration would include live and prerecorded elements including musical worship, reports from entities, and a message. 

The Zoom would be interactive for the regional gathering sites and others would be able to view and comment via Facebook Live stream. Please be in prayer for our arrangements committee and HPBC staff team as we work through the logistics of this potentially impactful annual meeting. 

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November 5

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